Chaplain's Message
Most of us have heard of St. Therese of Lisieux, a French mystic who died at age 24 in 1897 and who is perhaps the most popular saint of the last two centuries. She’s famous for many things, not least for a spirituality she called her “little way”. What’s her “little way”?
Popular thought has often encrusted both Therese and her “little way” within a simple piety which doesn’t do justice to the depth of her person or her spirituality. Too often her “little way” is understood simply to mean that we do little, hidden, humble, acts of charity for others in the name of Jesus, without expecting anything in return. In this popular interpretation we do the laundry, peel potatoes, and smile at unpleasant people to please Jesus. In some ways, of course, this is true; however her “little way” merits a deeper understanding.
Yes, it does ask us to do humble chores and be nice to each other in the name of Jesus but there are deeper dimensions to it. Her “little way” is a path to sanctity based on three things: Littleness, Anonymity, and a Particular Motivation. 
Littleness: For Therese “littleness” does not refer first of all to the littleness of the act that we are doing, like the humble tasks of doing the laundry, peeling potatoes, or giving a simple smile to someone who’s unpleasant. It refers to our own littleness, to our own radical poverty before God. Before God, we are little. To accept and act out of that constitutes humility. We move towards God and others in her “little way” when we do small acts of charity for others, not out of our strength and the virtue we feel at that moment, but rather out of a poverty, powerlessness, and emptiness that allows God’s grace to work through us so that in doing what we’re doing we’re drawing others to God and not to ourselves.  
As well, our littleness makes us aware that, for the most part, we cannot do the big things that shape world history. But we can change the world more humbly, by sowing a hidden seed, by being a hidden antibiotic of health inside the soul of humanity, and by splitting the atom of love inside our own selves. And yes, too, the “little way” is about doing little, humble, hidden things.
Anonymity: Therese’s “little way” refers to what’s hidden, to what’s done in secret, so that what the Father sees in secret will be rewarded in secret. And what’s hidden is not our act of charity, but we, ourselves, who are doing the act. In Therese’s “little way” our little acts of charity will go mostly unnoticed, will seemingly have no real impact on world history, and won’t bring us any recognition. They’ll remain hidden and unnoticed; but inside the Body of Christ what’s hidden, selfless, unnoticed, self-effacing, and seemingly insignificant and unimportant is the most vital vehicle of all for grace at a deeper level. Just as Jesus did not save us through sensational miracles and headline-making deeds but through selfless obedience to his Father and quiet martyrdom, our deeds too can remain unknown so that our deaths and the spirit we leave behind can become our real fruitfulness.
Finally, her “little way” is predicated on a Particular Motivation. We are invited to act out of our littleness and anonymity and do small acts of love and service to others for a particular reason, that is, to, metaphorically, wipe the face of the suffering Christ. How so?
Therese of Lisieux was an extremely blessed and gifted person. Despite a lot of tragedy in her early life, she was (by her own admission and testimony of others) loved in a way that was so pure, so deep, and so wonderfully affectionate that it leaves most people in envy. She was also a very attractive child and was bathed in love and security inside an extended family within which her every smile and tear were noticed, honored, (and often photographed). But as she grew in maturity it didn’t take her long to notice that what was true in her life wasn’t true of most others. Their smiles and tears went mostly unnoticed and were not honored. Her “little way” is therefore predicated on this particular motivation. In her own words:  
“One Sunday, looking at a picture of Our Lord on the Cross, I was struck by the blood flowing from one of his divine hands. I felt a pang of great sorrow when thinking this blood was falling on the ground without anyone’s hastening to gather it up. I was resolved to remain in spirit at the foot of the Cross and to receive its dew. … Oh, I don’t want this precious blood to be lost. I shall spend my life gathering it up for the good of souls. … To live from love is to dry Your Face.”
To live her “little way” is to notice and honor the unnoticed tears falling from the suffering faces of others.
Grand Knight's Report

SK Matthew Warehime

My Brothers All,
This weekend many of you will sit down with friends and family to watch the coveted Superbowl. You will enjoy the company of each other, as well as the bountiful feast of tailgating food. I want to take some time to remember a particular family member who will not be there. Brother Bruno Seppi was a great member of the council who was a member for over 50 years. He was there for many Bingo's, Breakfasts, Dances, and other events too numerous to mention. Bruno had a charismatic smile that peaked through when he was helping at the events because he knew that he was raising money to help people who were not as fortunate as him. I only knew him for a short 5 years, however I always enjoyed the company and conversions that we had at the hall. You could always tell he enjoyed talking about his family and beautiful wife Martha whom he affectionately called "mother". I will miss Bruno, the conversations that we had, and the smile that he had on his face. I ask that everyone please sit down and pray the rosary for our departed Brother Bruno Seppi. May the Lord take him into his hands and welcome him into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Vivat Jesus
Faith Program

On February 7, 2020 we plan to have our First Friday Service celebrated by Deacon Barnes.  A menu will include baked salmon with a vegetable side and a roll.  We will have an ice cream bar for dessert.  The cost is $7 per person.  We hope to see everyone there.

Family Program

We are currently working on an upcoming event and hope to share more information with you next month.

"Saint Joseph, foster-father of our Savior, guardian of His holy Mother, head of the Holy Family, intercede for us, bless us and defend our home at all times."
Community Program

The Council Bull and Oyster Roast will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020 from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM.  We still need help with the following items on the day of the event.  No need to RSVP, just show up and we will put you to work!

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Setup tables and serving areas

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Kitchen prep

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM Food service

8:00 PM - Till : Cleanup


Pit Beef

Hot Dogs

Fried Oysters

Oyster – Raw Bar

Oyster Stew

Baked Beans




Cash Bar

A DJ will provide music for the event. This event also includes the Public Safety Awards where we will recognize members of the police and fire departments who have gone above and beyond in their duties.

Ticket Information

Adults – $45

Seniors 65+ – $40

Children 10 and under – $10

Please contact Brother Ralph Bonuchelli 301-464-3630 or Matt Warehime 443-506-9877 for tickets.

Tickets may be available at the door, but seats are limited. Reserve your spot today!

Bingo Update

Bingo is on a path to contribute more money to the Council this year than it has in the past few years, beating last year’s numbers.  Bingo does need your help.  We have people who are working every week and many of them are wearing out.  We need more people to help with Bingo, or we may have to discontinue the program due to lack of participation from the membership.


If you are interested in helping, even if you can only give a couple hours a month, please contact Joe Massimini, or Steve Dobrosielski,  so we can set you up with a team or a week to help.  The jobs are easy.  Most require a little walking.  We are happy to take help from a Knight, or the spouse of a Knight, or the grown children of Knights.

If you would like to help at Bingo, the schedule for February is as follows:

February 4: Team 4, Kevin Carroll

February 11: Team 1, Bill Cartney

February 18: Team 2, Jack O’Malley

February 25: Team 3, Mike Mitchell

March 3: Team 4, Kevin Carroll

If you want to help, just show up on a Tuesday evening.  Or if you would rather contact someone, you can reach me at 240-997-0402 or

Life Program

Novena for Life & March for Life

We would like to thank all of the brother knights who opened their homes last month to pray the Novena prayers for life.  We would also like to hear your feedback if you were able to pray on your own.  This is our first year running this program and we hope to improve it each year.  The March for Life was once again a great testament to the pro-life movement in the United States.  Tens of thousands gathered to show their support and many members were able to attend with their local parish.

District Deputy's Report

George T. Riddle, PGK

Please come out and join us for the Knights of Columbus District Basketball Free Throw Contest. Ages of 9-14 can participate.

Location: The City of Bowie Gymnasium

4100 Northview Dr. Bowie, MD 20716

Date: February 16, 2020 Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

See flyer

Neumann News

St. John Neumann Assembly #1763

This month's meeting will take place on February 20, 2020 and begin promptly at 7:30 PM.  All members of the assembly are welcomed.

Bill Sapero FN, PGK

Sick and Memorial

Sick or Recovering Brothers:

John Curreri

In Memoriam:

Bruno “Rocky” Seppi

Ferris George

James Svoboda

If you know of a Brother Knight who has recently deceased, please email Don Tallmadge at  Please email all other prayer intentions for members and relatives to  Prayer intentions will remain on this list and website for a period of one month.

List of Council Officers 2019-2020

Grand Knight:  Matthew Warehime  443-506-9877

Deputy Grand Knight:  Christopher Keplinger  301-466-6917

Chaplain:  Rev. Father Paul Sparklin  401-721-5770

Associate Chaplain:  Rev. Deacon David Barnes  443-292-8400

Chancellor:  Michael Mitchell  293-628-1291

Warden:  Lee (Buddy) Dumais  240-687-6920

Financial Secretary:  Don Tallmadge  301-218-4623

Recorder:  Joe Massimini  301-464-4656

Treasurer:  Bob Heverly

Advocate:  Jim Simpson  202-360-7960

Lecturer:  Rob Van Rite  301-805-0091

Inside Guard:  Calvin Blake Jr.  240-770-7704

Outside Guard:  Ray DeVous  301-641-8054

Outside Guard:  Jonathan Tallmadge  301-218-4623

Trustee, First Year:  Romeo Paternoster  301-509-0236

Trustee, Second Year:  Ralph Bonuchelli  301-464-3630

Trustee, Third Year:  Bill Sapero  410-721-9163

Sacred Heart Council #2577 of the Knights of Columbus was established on June 21, 1925. The Accolade is the official monthly publication. Please send all correspondence to the Grand Knight @ Boswell Hall, 6111 Columbian Way, Bowie, MD 20715. 

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