Honary Life Membership Ceremony

At the February 27th Council Social Meeting 12 brother knights were granted Honary Life Membership. In addition nine brother knights were made honary members and three brother knights were honored for 50 years in our order.

Members who have attained the actual age of 70 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years, and those who have been members of the Order for 50 consecutive years, regardless of age, shall be designated as honorary life members. If the required years ofcontinuous service are calculated from the last date ofentry, the award is automatic.

Honorary Life Members

  • Joseph C. Redmond III
  • Richard T. Puleo
  • James R. Thieman
  • Anthony R Lang
  • Francis X McCaffrey
  • Thomas P. Kerley
  • Joseph H Novotny
  • Robert E. Simpson
  • Roy F. Boswell
  • John H Mulqueen
  • Thomas J Hartnett
  • William M Cartney Jr

Honorary Members

  • Kevin A. Buter
  • David D. Buckley Jr
  • David M Butler
  • Brian T. Curran
  • Ralph J. Bonuccelli
  • Philip W. Van Sickle
  • Raymond J. Oliver Jr
  • Joseph R. Lanciano
  • Michael L Fritz

50 Years

  • James F. Maloney
  • Adrian L. Merton
  • Robert F. Pallone

One Comment

  • Thank you brothers for the Honorary Member Status and please pray for the Knights and our Holy Catholic Church!


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